Writings on the wall…

Yet another month of lockdown and yet another post! In fact, this comes in a little later than I thought I would be able to manage… too many things happening and too little time in hand! After my last post on walls, which was unexpectedly well accepted by the handful of readers that I have, […]

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Panchi chala uss desh ko…

No, this is not one more post on Sushant Singh Rajput or how brilliant he was and how he was victimized by Bollywood biggies or a hate post on known names. Neither is it a passionate post on how it could be a murder that is being branded as suicide and how it is all […]

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Mobile Detox c/o Umphun Times

Over the last week or so following Amphan or Umphun, or whatever that devastation was pronounced as, my phone network first, followed by my internet provider and then finally my mobile phone, or rather the lack of it has helped me reach a few conclusions (and this has nothing to do with the Covid 19 […]

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Locked down within the comforts of my home, with a network, electricity and a laptop (yes, I am shamefully privileged) for the last 3 months almost, I often just end up reading random blogs and looking at interesting pictures. Recently some very interesting pictorial blogs caught my attention. Since then, it has been on my […]

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Covid-19 situation and us!

Ok, let’s face it – this situation – “Covid-19 situation” they call it at my workplace, is something we (including a couple of generations ahead of us, at least) have never experienced or been in. It took us the first few months to realize its diabolical potential and when we finally did, well, it gave […]

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Life in the time of Corona

Ok, I am back, after a very long gap! I know! I can’t stop scolding myself for not writing more often, only to realize that although I have clung to my reading habits, the Netflix-Amazon Prime-Hot Star triad, along with the Smartphone has managed to push me away from writing. Not that I am an […]

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A love story cut short!

A month is a strange time period…it leaves you nowhere, actually! Or at least, that’s what it does to me! I am too familiar to the place to be a tourist and not there long enough to be a resident. Wherever I go, I need to know the place, by heart. I want to know […]

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